Fumigation & Pest Control Services

Much as Dayenu Engineering Ltd is concentrating on construction and engineering services, we take time to consider doing fumigation and pest control services at our best on affordable costs to our clients’ homes, offices, buildings etc

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Building & Home Maintenance Services

If you ever think of who to hire for maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation for your home, building, office, business area etc, look no further rather come to Dayenu Engineering Ltd for all the best services.

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Recreation Gardens & Home Compound

A beautiful house without a beautiful compound is like a beautiful woman without a beautiful makeup” saying by Dayenu Engineering Ltd

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Interior Design

As Dayenu Engineering Ltd we very well know that a beautiful structure must be accompanied with beautiful looks inside. We are everyday upgrading and updating in the filed of interior designing and we do deliver our best.

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Electrical Installation

About Electrical Services All precautions observed in the field of electrical engineering at Dayenu Engineering Ltd you will always expect services offered uniquely with competence and professionalism from our team. On a day to day basis, as the world evolves and new technologies coming up especially in the field of electrical engineering, Dayenu Engineering Ltd [...]
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Plumbing, Heat & Air Conditioning

In the field of plumbing, heat and air conditioning services, Dayenu Engineering Ltd is well equipped with quite a number of experts and professionals who have proved quality services provided over a period of time.

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Dayenu Engineering Ltd has a vast experience in undertaking all sorts of projects regarding demolitions. With the expertise and experience of our team, all our projects about demolitions have been accomplished successfully.

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Construction in all its forms and capacities is one of the leading services offered by our company Dayenu Engineering Ltd. Every new day, our company ensures effectiveness, competence and upgrades as far as construction is concerned in all its forms.

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